AMITE - A councilman’s attempt to have the Tangipahoa Parish Council approve a resolution of support for a new Hammond charter school died Monday night for lack of a second.

During the last council meeting on May 23, Lisa Proffit-Rau, secretary of the nonprofit Tangipahoa Charter School Association, presented an update on plans for “The Leadership Academy” charter school and requested a show of council confidence in the proposal.

In November, the Tangipahoa Parish School Board denied the association’s request for a charter, but the association can still seek a charter from the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The motion to approve the resolution was offered by Councilman Nicky Muscarello Sr., who said following the meeting that he believed opposition by public school system supporters influenced Monday’s inaction.

During the May 23 council meeting, Proffit-Rau told council members “The Leadership Academy” charter school would be located at Heritage Square in Hammond and accept 150 students the first year of operation.

She also stated that a target date of August 2012 is set for the school’s opening and that the state application for a charter school license will be filed by Aug. 29.

Following the May 23 council meeting, Proffit-Rau commented that council support was desired, but not needed to proceed with the state application.

Other matters coming before the council included:

PARISH LANDFILL: The council approved a parish administration request to seek bids on synthetic turf covers for use at the parish landfill.

Parish President Gordon Burgess said the impermeable liner topped with synthetic grass would increase methane gas collection by 30 percent and reduce parish maintenance costs.

Burgess said the hard plastic liner eliminates the need for 3 feet of clay covering the landfill and the synthetic grass eliminated the need for repeated grass plantings necessitated by soil erosion.

Councilman Carlos Notariano, who arrived for the meeting as the vote was called, abstained. Councilmen Tennis Rick and Lionel Wells were absent from Monday’s meeting.

The parish began work last fall on the installation of a methane gas collection system, for which a change order was approved Monday, reducing the number of pumps needed and resulting in an $88,000 savings.