U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who has ignited controversy in Louisiana previously, will be the featured speaker at a meeting in New Orleans on Dec. 11.

Duncan will appear at the annual luncheon of the Bureau of Governmental Research, a nonprofit group that analyzes public policies.

In 2010, Duncan said Hurricane Katrina was the “best thing” that happened to the education system in New Orleans.

He said New Orleans public schools were a “disaster” and that it took the 2005 hurricane to wake up the community.

The comment sparked criticism from state education leaders, and ABC News reported that Duncan later apologized for his Katrina comments.

Earlier this year Duncan accused Gov. Bobby Jindal of doing a turnaround on Common Core — former supporter and current opponent — because of politics.

Jindal’s office countered that Louisiana would not be “bullied” by the federal government, a reference to federal assistance in promoting the new standards in reading, writing and math.

Duncan has been education secretary since 2009.

Individual tickets for the event are $100.

For information, contact Selva Riemann, office manager, (504) 525-4152, ext. 101, or events@bgr.org.