For a second time, East Baton Rouge Parish school Superintendent Bernard Taylor plans to visit four different parts of the parish to explain his ideas on replacing school attendance zones with “attendance regions” and creating more educational choices for parents in those areas.

Taylor announced the next round of forums late Wednesday. In a news release, he said he plans to “share community input” generated since he first announced the idea of creating attendance regions.

In November, Taylor held four forums in four days.

The second round will be more spaced out. It will start with forums Wednesday at Capitol Elementary and Jan. 24 at Glen Oaks High.

The second round will finish with forums Jan. 31 at Scotlandville High and Feb. 5 at Southeast Elementary.

The first meeting at Capitol Elementary starts at 6:30 p.m. The other three will start at 6 p.m.

Taylor has described his proposals as a “framework for discussion,” meaning they are not set and subject to change depending on the feedback he receives at the forums.

What Taylor has laid out so far affects 36 schools in four sections of the parish by turning them into attendance regions that offer more choices than are available.

What will be on these four different regional menus is unclear. Taylor has suggested converting a handful of schools to magnet schools and others to “grade centers” that every child in a given grade and in a given region would be assigned to, unless they choose one of the other school options. Each set of grade centers is being described as a “family of schools.”

As with the first forums, Taylor is planning to make a presentation, then those attending will be involved in breakout sessions to provide input there.