A contentious anti-union bill hit a snag Tuesday in the Louisiana House, with a widely-anticipated debate scrapped amid strong pushback from police, firefighters and teachers.

The proposal would ban government payroll offices from automatically deducting union dues from public worker paychecks.

House Bill 418’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Stuart Bishop of Lafayette, postponed debate scheduled for Tuesday. And it’s not clear when — or if — he’ll reschedule.

Bishop says lawmakers would rather focus on the $1.6 billion budget shortfall.

Proponents, including the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, say they philosophically oppose the government deducting union dues that could go to political causes. But privately they have said their intent is to cut off the flow of money to unions.

The issue represents one of the largest business-labor splits of the 2015 legislative session.

After years of narrowly falling short the measure earlier this month won approval in the House Labor Committee on a mostly partly-line vote, with Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed.