The Common Core academic standards should be reviewed under a process initiated by the Legislature rather than state education leaders, the president of the Louisiana Association of Educators said Friday.

“This would provide appropriate oversight to complement the process and ensure that students, teachers, schools and districts are not impacted negatively during the review process,” Debbie Meaux, president of the LAE, said in a prepared statement.

Meaux said her teachers union also wants state lawmakers to order a three-year “hold harmless” period for teachers, schools and districts during any move to revised standards.

That would temporarily shelve state-issued school report cards and other checks that the LAE has long criticized.

Meaux made her comments during the same week that Gov. Bobby Jindal outlined his two-prong plan to remove Common Core from public school classrooms, as well as the assessments that go with it.

Earlier this week, state Superintendent of Education John White briefed educators on a plan to review the standards, which is an accelerated version of a process that state officials typically undertake every seven years.

That proposal envisions four committees of teachers and others spending months tweaking the benchmarks then submitting those changes to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

White, who backs Common Core, said reading, writing and math guidelines should be revised but not scrapped.

Jindal wants a panel of parents, educators and others to draft “high-quality Louisiana standards” to replace Common Core.

Meaux said confusion on Common Core and its assessments have left teachers, students and parents “in a state of disarray.

“We can’t afford to waste any more time,” she said. “Louisiana’s children deserve better.”

The 2015 legislative session begins on April 13.

Common Core is expected to be one of the key topics.

About 316,000 students finished five days of Common Core tests on Friday.

State official said about 99 percent of potential test takers took part, with math questions the focus on Thursday and Friday and English on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.