The eight people who will lead discussion panels on six key educational topics in East Baton Rouge Parish gathered Thursday to talk about how to best tackle their respective areas of focus.

The six topics: academic expectations; community and par-ental involvement; culture and safety/school climate and human capital; early childhood education; governance/financial efficiency/accountability; and neighborhood schooling/ school choice/parental involvement.

These were “objectives” chosen June 14 by the EBR Committee for Educational Excellence and each one has spawned its own subcommittee.

The eight heads of those subcommittees are, respectively: Slater McKay and Heather Moret; Kimberly Williams; Chris Meyer; Karen Profita; David Winkler and Michael Tipton; and Verni Howard.

East Baton Rouge Parish School Board member David Tatman urged the members to schedule their July meetings by Wednesday, and to seek out people in the community to help come up with ideas.

“I really do believe we need to reach out and grab people,” Tatman said.

The School Board, which has a majority of new members, has been debating whether to revise the strategic plan since taking office in January. Several board members campaigned on the issue.

These committees are planning to turn in their work by August for compilation in a revised strategic plan.

“We need to make sure that this document winds up being a good reflection of what the community wants, what it hopes for and what it expects, and if it is, then people will fight for it,” said consultant Rudy Gomez.

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