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New books donated by Entergy in the restored library at Brookstown Middle School in Baton Rouge. The school flooded in August 2016. Entergy donated $35,000 worth of books Monday to Brookstown and nearby Glen Oaks Park Elementary, which also flooded.


Entergy announced Monday that it’s donated $35,000 to restock libraries at two schools in north Baton Rouge that flooded in August 2016.

The historic flooding severely damaged dozens of schools in Baton Rouge and surrounding communities and destroyed several school libraries

The $35,000 donation from Entergy will be used to restock libraries at Brookstown Middle and Glen Oaks Park Elementary schools. The energy giant’s largesse is the latest of donations of money and time by groups and individuals to restore flood-damaged school libraries.

The refurbished libraries were unveiled in ceremonies Monday morning at the two schools. Brookstown and Glen Oaks Parks both returned to their historic homes in August after spending the 2016-17 school year elsewhere.

Entergy calls the grant “1,500 Points of Illumination” — a reference to former President George H.W. Bush’s 1988 call for “1,000 Points of Light” to provide help to Americans in need.

Entergy officials said the books “largely cover topics of diversity and inclusion — a great opportunity for character building and letting students know that there are strengths in our differences.”