Democratic political consultant and LSU alum James Carville plans to give a rousing call to arms when he gives the commencement address at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communications this Friday, according to an article on Gambit.

"I'm not gonna give the usual 'the world is your oyster' speech," Carville tells Gambit.

Carville explains that he hopes to challenge the LSU community and students to get involved and stay involved in LSU's future.

Some of the rousing words he plans to use are, "history will hunt you down," in reference to Bobby Jindal and how history is, "unforgiving and unrelenting."

Without an infusion of millions by the state Legislature, Louisiana's public universities and colleges would get about $123 million in state funding to split among their campuses next year — about an 82 percent cut from their current funding level.

Proposals to bring in more money have included scaling back refundable tax credits and increasing the cigarette tax, but a clear plan has yet to congeal.

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