Though a Sigma Chi member died the same day of the incident that sparked an investigation into the fraternity chapter, an LSU official says the two events are unrelated.

LSU student and Sigma Chi member Sawyer Reed, 21, died Oct. 17, the same day the fraternity is accused of members using drugs inside the chapter house.

But LSU Director of Media Relations Ernie Ballard said the interim suspension was not related to Reed’s death. “The unfortunate incident occurred off campus,” and Baton Rouge police responded, he said.

The cause of Reed’s death remains undetermined, and toxicology results are pending, East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner Dr. Beau Clark said.

LSU placed the Sigma Chi fraternity on interim suspension Nov. 3 while it investigates allegations of hazing activities and an incident in which illegal drugs were allegedly used at the chapter’s house, according to a letter sent to the fraternity president from the associate dean of students.

D. Matthew Gregory, associate dean of students, sent the Sigma Chi chapter president, Clayton Furr, a letter Nov. 3 informing him that the university ordered the suspension because it was under investigation for potential violations of the LSU Code of Student Conduct.

Kurt Keppler, LSU vice president for student life and enrollment, said Thursday the university is doing a “thorough investigation” of Sigma Chi.

Sigma Chi International, based in Evanston, Illinois, said in a Friday news release the chapter has been placed on a period of interim suspension while it is being investigated. The release says several proposals are under consideration to make sure “the fraternal experience is consistent with the values of the fraternity.”

The release quotes Furr as saying, “We are working closely with Greek Life at LSU and our General Fraternity Headquarters to insure that our chapter presents a safe and drug free environment.”

The Sigma Chi chapter house is at 27 Dalrymple Drive.

The fraternity has 150 members, Ballard said.

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