The Louisiana Board of Regents now has the 46th most powerful computer system in the world, according to a site that ranks high-performing supercomputers.

The newly-upgraded system, known as QB-2, is the second iteration of the system’s supercomputer launched in 2007, which was called Queen Bee. A 1.5-petaflops computer cluster, the new system is nearly 300 times more powerful than most supercomputers operating on individual campuses, according to the Board of Regents. is slated to release a detailed analysis of the new supercomputer rankings Tuesday at the SC14 conference in New Orleans.

QB-2, which serves the state’s colleges and universities, is housed at the state Information Services Building and is the cornerstone of the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative.

“We believe that the impact of this system will be greatly beneficial to the cultivation of research and economic development, and it’s happening right here in Louisiana,” said LONI executive director Lonnie Leger in a news release from the state board.

Barbara Goodson, deputy higher education commissioner for finance and administration, said that the designation helps position Louisiana as a “global competitor.”

“Collaboration is essential for our institutions right now, and the Board of Regents is proud to have spearheaded these efforts so that our institutions may continue to work together and optimally perform in the areas of technology and research,” Goodson said in the news release.

The updated list also places LSU’s SuperMIC computer system at No. 88 most powerful in the world.