Tulane University and LSU alumni average six-figure salaries after they've compiled at least 10 years of experience, a new study shows.

According to Payscale.com, Tulane alumni with 10-plus years of experience ("mid-career," as defined in the study) earn an average of $114,800 per year. LSU alumni earn $100,400.

In Louisiana, Tulane ranks No. 1 among private schools for early career pay (0-5 years of experience, per the study) and mid-career pay. LSU ranks No. 1 in those categories among public universities.

Tulane alumni earn an average of $54,600 in early career pay. LSU alumni earn $52,700.

LSU says, per the study, that it ranks No. 4 among Southeastern Conference peers for mid-career pay behind Texas A&M, Auburn and Florida.

PayScale’s College Salary Report provides salary data for alumni of a total of 2,441 associate and bachelor’s degree-granting institutions throughout the U.S.

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