The pool of candidates for the new Southern University Law Center Chancellor was narrowed to the final four on Wednesday.

The finalists include three administrators who currently work for the Law Center and an appellate court judge who has ties to the school.

The four finalists are John Michael Guidry, State Appellate Court judge; John K. Pierre, who is currently serving as interim chancellor of the Law Center; Russell Jones, vice chancellor for academic affairs; and Roederick White Sr., vice chancellor for student affairs.

The four finalists were selected Wednesday by a search committee set up by the Southern University System Board of Supervisors.

“After taking into consideration the vision, leadership philosophy, academic preparation, and other qualities of the pool of candidates, the search committee believes that each of the finalists are well equipped to lead the Southern University Law Center,” said Dwayne Murray, an alumnus who chaired the committee.

Two semi-finalists were cut from the list, including Preston Castille Jr, the well-known Southern University Alumni Federation president. Joan Bullock, an associate dean of affairs at Florida A&M University College of Law, also didn’t make the cut.

The Board of Supervisors is expected to conduct interviews and select the new chancellor at the March 18 meeting.

Former chancellor Freddie Pitcher Jr. stepped down from the post in June 2015.

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