Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards will give a televised update on the state budget on major television networks across the state Thursday night.

According to the governor’s office, the address will be aired statewide at 6:30 pm on all major network television and radio stations, as well as Louisiana Public Broadcasting.

“The challenges facing Louisiana are so severe, and the risk of doing nothing is so big, that it is important for me to outline these problems directly to the people,” Edwards said in a statement. “I promised to be open and transparent with the people of Louisiana and give them the facts, and that’s what I intend to do. There are some real consequences if we do not work together to solve the state’s financial problems and I want to personally communicate them to the citizens of our state.”

The televised speech is rare for the governor to give here. Typically, a formal State of the State takes place at the beginning of the regular legislative session. Edwards, who was sworn into office Jan. 11, has been making the rounds speaking out about the grim budget outlook.

Edwards has called a special legislative session to address the state budget crisis, beginning Sunday. The regular session begins March 14.