Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal went on Fox News Wednesday to defend remarks he made in London this week about Muslims and so-called "no-go zones."

In a live interview with Neil Cavuto, Jindal said he's not backing away from claims he made this week that Europe is home to several “no-go zones” — a term used for alleged Muslim enclaves that are ruled by Islamic law and where non-Muslims aren’t allowed. But the governor did appear to clarify that he wasn't using the term "no-go zone" in its most specific meaning.

"You can call them whatever term you want, but absolutely we have communities of people who don't want to assimilate," Jindal told Cavuto.

Jindal, who is weighing a run for president, has faced criticism since evoking the “no-go zone” claims in a speech Monday during a meeting with a conservative think tank in London.

“(I)n the West, non-assimilationist Muslims establish enclaves and carry out as much of Sharia law as they can without regard for the laws of the democratic countries which provided them a new home,” Jindal said in his speech to the conservative Henry Jackson Society. “It is startling to think that any country would allow, even unofficially, for a so-called ‘no-go zone.’ ”

Jindal’s no-go zone comments largely have been lumped in with recent remarks made by a Fox News commentator, who had gone a step further, claiming that entire cities in Europe had become no-go zones and were ruled by Islamic extremists. Fox News has retracted those statements. British Prime Minister David Cameron called the pundit who made those claims “a complete idiot,” and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced plans to sue Fox News over the report.

In the Cavuto interview, Jindal sought to distance himself from those debunked claims, while stressing his own.

"There absolutely are neighborhoods where the police are less likely to go in ... where there are attempts to impose Sharia law," he said.

Check back for more on what Jindal said about the president's State of the Union speech and taxes.