A Louisiana Senate panel Thursday killed a bill that would allow car and truck inspections every five years in some areas.

The proposal, House Bill 564, earlier cleared the state House.

But the Senate Transportation Committee voted 3-2 to shelve the measure, which likely means it is dead for the session.

The legislation excluded motor vehicles in Baton Rouge because of air pollution problems that are part of the current reviews, which are required every year or every other year.

It applied to cars and trucks seven years and older.

State Rep. Richie Burford, R-Stonewall, sponsor of the bill, said the five-year requirement is an alternative to his original plan to eliminate the inspections entirely.

Burford said 32 states have no such programs.

Opponents said the bill would carry risks because of motor vehicle problems that can surface over five years.

They also said the change would drive some safety inspection stations out of business.