Now that the Nov. 21 election is over, Louisiana residents are getting a break from what felt like a non-stop barrage of political ads on television during the campaign cycle.

When all calculated, about $20 million was spent on the governor’s race alone, according to the final analysis from the Center for Public Integrity’s ad watch project. Another $10 million was spent on ads in other races.

All of CPI’s numbers are estimates based on media monitoring firm Kantar Media/CMAG, but they provide some insight into the relative amounts spent on the governor’s race this year.

Here’s the breakdown of how much candidates and groups spent, per CPI’s analysis:

  • Republican David Vitter, who lost the Nov. 21 runoff, spent the most at about $4.1 million for 14,656 ads.
  • Democrat John Bel Edwards, the winner and now governor-elect, came in second at $3.2 million for 11,051 ads.
  • The pro-Vitter political action committee Fund for Louisiana’s Future spent at least $3.68 million on 7,895 ads.
  • The Republican Governors Association’s Right Direction PAC spent nearly $1.5 million on 3,770 ads.
  • Anti-Vitter Gumbo PAC (which received funding from the Democratic Governors Association) spent more than $1.8 million on 3,568 ads.
  • Anti-Vitter Louisiana Water Coalition spent about $839,880 on 1,308 ads.

Leading up to the Oct. 24 primary, about $5 million more was spent by candidates that didn’t make the runoff and groups supporting them. That includes

  • Republican Scott Angelle spent about $1.53 million on 4,679 ads.
  • Republican Jay Dardenne spent about $1.3 million on 3,968 ads
The pro-Angelle Louisiana Rising PAC spent about $1.4 million on 2,313 ads.
The pro-Dardenne Now or Never Louisiana PAC spent about $108,820 on 312 ads.