Bobby Jindal touts his tax plan: 'Starve Washington and feed the heartland' _lowres

Republican presidential candidate Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks at a presidential forum sponsored by Heritage Action at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Friday, Sept. 18, 2015, in Greenville, S.C. (AP Photo/Richard Shiro)

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has doubled down on his ambitious federal tax proposalthat would drastically reduce revenue that the government takes in.

In an op-ed published by, Jindal says his plan is to “starve Washington and feed the heartland” by drastically scaling back the amount of tax dollars the federal government takes in.

“No doubt the socialists in the Democrat Party will predict an apocalypse, while the surrender caucus in the Republican Party will scoff that it can’t be done. Liberal economists will point it out as if they have found a smoking gun and will accuse me of trying to starve the government. Guilty as charged,” he writes.

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Gov. Bobby Jindal

Jindal goes on to cite Louisiana’s budget (which has been plagued with repeated shortfalls) as evidence of his dedication to shrinking government.

Jindal is correct that his tax plan has come under fire from the Left, but most of it has focused on his plan to require all Americans to pay federal income taxes. wrote about the “wild unfairness” of Jindal’s plan, which would make everyone pay federal income taxes, including those whose income is currently too low. The outlet accused Jindal of “hating poor people.”

ThinkProgress called Jindal’s plan a “right-wing nightmare.”

Meanwhile, wrote that Jindal’s plan is “confused about how the tax code works.”

Some conservatives, however, have praised Jindal’s plan. writes “[A]s usual, he’s thinking both about the real-world economic growth potential from tax reform (as opposed to focusing on a tax plan that benefits the government) and the political incentive effects of the tax system.”

Jindal, who has spent considerable time in Iowa as he has campaigned for president, is there this week. His campaign announced Thursday that it had added several additional stops this weekend.

Meanwhile, Team Jindal has also started pushing the #LetBobbyDebate hashtag on social media to advocate for Jindal inclusion on the main stage for the Oct. 28 GOP debate on CNBC.


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