Louisiana native and colorful political commentator James Carville was almost a judge … kind of.

carville court

Click to watch a clip from “Carville’s Court”

Politico.com first reported today that Carville filmed a television pilot for a Judge Judy-like show called “Carville’s Court” in New Orleans, which Carville proudly called his “home turf” in a 15-minute segment that has been posted online.

The show’s intro promised “Judge Carville” would be serving up “plainspoken justice and a whole lotta Cajun common sense” as small claims cases were argued on the show.

The clip posted online features two cases — one in which a woman was dissatisfied with the results of a Betty Boop-themed car makeover, and the other in which a bride-to-be and her future sister-in-law argued over a float trip gone wrong.

In the second case, Carville cracked a joke about his college alma mater, LSU.

“Remember, I graduated from LSU with a 4.0. You know what that was? My blood alcohol level,” he said to laughs.

But Carville told Politico the show likely won’t make it to the airwaves.

“It was decided not to bring it to TV,” he said.

Read the full report from Politico, which includes the Sony hack’s link to the story.

Watch a clip from Caville’s Court here.