On the day he announced that he was running for president, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal generated more than half a million mentions on Facebook from hundreds of thousands of users.

How does that stack up in the sizable field of 2016 hopefuls? Based on data that Facebook has provided to The Advocate: Not so great.

Jindal’s totals put him at about 13th out of the 20 Republicans and Democrats who have made their campaign announcements thus far.

Facebook has tracked posts, comments and shares of each of the major candidates on the day that they have made their big announcements. Note that interest doesn’t necessarily reflect overall support, as the figures rely on mentions — and not just the positive ones.

For Jindal, the social media giant analyzed the 24 hours that started with midnight June 24 — the day he formally launched his campaign with a rally at the Ponchartrain Center in Kenner and a viral video of his family. During that time, he generated 542,000“interactions” from 316,000 people on Facebook.

The numbers put interest in Jindal just a bit higher than former HP CEO Carly Fiorina’s run and slightly trailing former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s. Both Fiorina and Perry are also Republicans.

It pales in comparison to interest displayed in Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who generated more than 10 million interactions from 4.7 million Facebook users.

Meanwhile, Republicans Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas also had millions talking and managed to generate more than 5 million interactions apiece.

But the silver lining for Jindal, who has consistently trailed in most polls on the crowded Republican slate, is that it could have been much worse. U.S. Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, for example, only managed to get about 84,000 people talking, generating 142,000 interactions, on the day of his own announcement.

See the full chart showing all candidates below

According to Facebook’s analysis, the top places chattering about Jindal were Louisiana, Mississippi, the District of Columbia, Arkansas and Texas.

In the week leading up to Jindal’s announcement, the top topics Facebook users associated with Jindal were foreign policy and international relations and gun regulation.

In the 90 day run-up to his announcement, conversation about Jindal was generated by an average of about 20,000 unique people per day.

Chart based on Facebook tallies provided to The Advocate

Hillary Clinton4,700,00010,100,000
Donald Trump3,400,0006,400,000
Ted Cruz2,100,0005,500,000
Rand Paul865,0001,900,000
Scott Walker679,0001,600,000
Ben Carson847,0001,500,000
Marco Rubio695,0001,300,000
Bernie Sanders592,0001,200,000
Jeb Bush493,000849,000
Mike Huckabee458,000814,000
Chris Christie482,000803,000
Rick Perry422,000763,000
Bobby Jindal316,000542,000
Carly Fiorina304,000515,000
Rick Santorum169,000266,000
John Kasich156,000261,000
Lindsey Graham84,000142,000
Martin O’Malley84,000120,000
George Pataki59,00081,000
Lincoln Chafee20,00027,000