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Days until session ends: 24
Days until the 2015 primary election day: 161
Days until the runoff (as needed): 190

Where in the world is Gov. Bobby Jindal? The governor did not have any reported events outside of Louisiana scheculed today. Over the weekend he travelled to Iowa.

The News

BR Mayor: Sen. Sharon Weston Broome jumpstarts campaign for maryor: http://bit.ly/1HmoYyH

Budget crunch: Now it’s the Senate’s turn. http://bit.ly/1HmoRmD

Budget 2: Higher ed vs. .health care http://bit.ly/1Hmp21t

LSU: James Carville took on Bobby Jindal and higher education funding in his LSU graduation speech: http://bit.ly/1HmofNY


LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri addresses the Baton Rouge Press Club at noon.

The House comes in at 4 p.m. and the Senate comes in at 4:30 p.m.

House Order of the Day: http://bit.ly/LAHouseOrder
Senate Daily Digest: http://bit.ly/LASenateDigest

Watch the House online: http://bit.ly/LAHouseChamber
Watch the Senate online: http://bit.ly/LASenateChamber

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