Count the head of the St. Tammany Parish GOP among those who are not happy about Jay Dardenne’s

In a letter obtained by The Advocate, chairman Peter Egan likens Dardenne to “an angry and rageful ex-husband.”

“The behavior of endorsing Edwards is akin to that of a jilted man firing indiscriminately at his ex-wife’s car, mindless of the collateral harm and injury to many innocent people,” he writes.

He goes on to pressure Dardenne to retract his endorsement or “relinquish any ties to teh Republican party.”

Dardenne is a life-long Republican who often recounts an anecdote about handing out Barry Goldwater handbills as a child.

In the letter Egan bizarrely writes of Dardenne, who ran for governor, having “aspiration to become” governor as if it’s a secret.

Read the whole thing here.