Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has offered up a reading list for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that manages to knock the former secretary of state as being unintelligent, socialist, unlikable, untruthful and someone heading to prison.

On the “Gift Ideas for Hillary Clinton” that Jindal’s Republican presidential campaign was promoting Thursday: The Middle East for Dummies, U.S. Constitution for Dummies, How to Be Likeable, Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA, Be Honest and Tell the Truth, How to Win Friends & Influence People, So You Want to Be President? and Chicken Soup for the Prisoner’s Soul.

Jindal, who is in Louisiana through Sunday, was in Iowa earlier this week, slamming Clinton over her ongoing email controversy. In prepared remarks, Jindal said Clinton is “one email away from prison time, and she’d better pray the Chinese government doesn’t do a document dump.”

He joked that Clinton should seek out prison advice from Martha Stewart.

As far as his own email goes, Jindal’s administration has refused to release any emails he has sent during his two terms as governor, citing exemptions made for the governor in Louisiana’s Open Records Law.

The Associated Press reported in 2012 that Jindal’s top aides used personal email to hash out a media strategy for deep cuts to Medicaid. Jindal’s spokeswoman told the AP at the time that the governor, himself, uses a private email account to communicate with immediate staff.