How much lobbyists can spend wining and dining legislators and others they seek to influence is increasing again this year.

The Louisiana Board of Ethics is scheduled Friday to start the legal process to allow $60 to be spent per occasion effective July 1.

The current per event limit is $58.

The amount has been steadily rising since the Legislature implemented a $50 spending cap in 2008 and then allowed it to increase with the consumer price index.

The Ethics Board certifies the amount each year, then promulgates the rules to implement the new rate. The CPI increased 3.2 percent during 2014, according to an Ethics Board memorandum.

The 3.2 percent applied to the current $58 cap comes to $1.86. With rounding to the nearest dollar – also required under the law – it comes to a $2 increase.

The limit applies to food, drink and other refreshments purchased for public employees and elected officials. State law bans any wining and dining in excess of the established amount.

Lobbyists must file monthly reports with the Ethics Board on the spending.