Together Baton Rouge activist: Mid City ER closure spells trouble, means more residents will die _lowres


The closure of the Baton Rouge General Mid City emergency room is a direct result of Gov. Bobby Jindal refusing to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, according to a February analysis in the Los Angeles Times.

The article states, "Jindal has tried to position himself as the last stalwart Republican opponent of the (affordable care act), but his state's experience shows that his position is folly."

The General’s board of directors had voted last August to close the emergency room in November, a casualty of growing red ink associated with uninsured patients entering its doors.

The Jindal administration had promised an infusion of cash to allow continued operation of the ER at the only facility between Zachary and south Baton Rouge treating life-threatening medical crisis.

Baton Rouge General - Mid City held a series of meetings with employees Tuesday March 3, 2015, to reassure staffers that the campus would remain open, although the Emergency Room will close at the end of the month.

Baton Rouge General officials have said Mid City, which features one of the state's two burn units, will remain open. The General has not disclosed how many beds will remain at the Mid City campus or how many Mid City staffers will lose jobs because of the ER's closure.

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