Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal slammed his rivals for the GOP presidential nomination during an appearance on CBS This Morning on Wednesday, claiming that a lot of his opponents “don’t have the backbone, don’t have the bandwidth, don’t have the experience to get the job done.”

“You have a lot of candidates, they’re willing to say extreme things, outlandish things to get on TV, to get in the debates,” Jindal said. “We’re not doing that … we’re actually offering specific ideas to voters and I think it is resonating.”

The interview was one of several Jindal has lined up as he makes the New York media rounds, after returning from a brief campaign suspension following a deadly shooting at a Lafayette theater last week.

Jindal offered specific criticisms for Donald Trump, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. He also alluded to the many U.S. senators in the field, criticizing Congress for not repealing Obamacare or other efforts put forth by President Barack Obama.

bobby jindal cbs this morning

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Jindal appeared to downplay Trump’s chances, despite the business mogul’s recent surge in the polls.

“I trust the American people,” he said. “At the end of the day, they will vote for someone who is an authentic outsider.”

Jindal said he disagreed with Huckabee’s recent comparison of the Obama-backed Iran deal to the Holocaust.

“These are outlandish comments,” he said. “I don’t make it a practice to compare anything to the Holocaust.”

Jindal also repeated his criticism of Bush’s push for the party to embrace a more moderate conservative to win the general election.

Jindal said his focus is on early states like Iowa, where he has launched a tour that will take him to every county in the state.

“You look at what’s happening on the ground in Iowa,” Jindal said. “The crowds have been great … We’re on the move in Iowa.”

And he dismissed criticisms back home, asserting that he’s been a successful governor, despite low popularity ratings among Louisiana residents.

“If folks are looking for a popular politician, you can govern by the polls — kiss babies, cut ribbons, don’t do anything.”