Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he doesn’t agree with fellow Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about immigrants, but he doesn’t think that the ensuing backlash has been bad for Trump.

“I think he enjoys it. I think he gets the best of those exchanges,” Jindal told Gwen Ifill on PBS’s Frontline this week. “I think he actually benefits from it.”

Jindal appeared on the news program as part of its occasional interviews with presidential candidates. In addition to sizing up Trump, Jindal talked about President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal and his own views on immigration.

“I worry that under this president’s deal we could end up with a nuclear arms race in the Middle East,” Jindal said of his believe that he Iran deal should be rejected.

He repeated his view that America should be the “melting pot.”

“If folks want to come here, they should come here legally, learn English, roll up their sleeves and get to work,” he said.

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