A Massachusetts Democrat slammed Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Monday, comparing him to Gomer Pyle, the simple-minded character from The Andy Griffith Show.

“I love listening to Jindal, because I swear if you didn’t know who he is, you’d swear it was Gomer Pyle on the phone,” Somerville, Massachusetts Mayor Joseph Curtatone said after Jindal went on Boston Herald Radio and called for the jailing of mayors of so-called “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants. “We shouldn’t lower ourselves to the lowest common denominator, and that’s the brain of … Bobby Jindal.”

Jindal, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, has struggled to crack into the top tier of a crowded GOP slate, and appears to be headed for a second-tier debate this week, rather than the main stage.

His campaign responded back to The Herald regarding Curatone’s comments saying: “His laissez-faire attitude is flat out dangerous … If Mayor Curtatone is fine with illegal immigrants committing murder, rape, and burglaries in Somerville on his watch then he should pay the price for it and be criminally liable.