DGA to launch 'Vitter's House of Lies' website, a nod to political drama 'House of Cards' _lowres


A new website that the Democratic Governors Association will launch at noon compares Republican David Vitter to Frank Underwood, the notorious villain from the show House of Cards.

The website, dubbed “Vitter’s House of Lies,” is topped with an image of Vitter’s face photoshopped onto the nefarious fictional character’s body and lists three areas in which it claims Vitter has “lied” to voters on issues related to veterans, the middle class and fiscal issues.”

“David Vitter’s lies and deception in Washington would make Frank Underwood proud,” DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold said.

Kevin Spacey has won two Emmys and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the nefarious Underwood in the Netflix original series. Fictional Underwood has often served as a stand-in for attacks on real-life politicians, including members of Congress and even President Barack Obama. The DGA’s new site, which will launch less than a week before Saturday’s runoff, is the first major iteration of the popular streaming show being compared to the notoriously dicey Louisiana political scene.

The Republican Governors Association launched a website targeting Vitter’s Democratic opponent, John Bel Edwards, a few weeks ago called JohnBelforObama.com. Much of the anti-Edwards sentiment has focused on Obama.

Vitter’s campaign also has touted the lagovernorfacts.com website, which it created to take on Edwards.