Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is scheduled to address the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, and an advisory from his presidential campaign says he plans to “take on Donald Trump and discuss the future of the country and the 2016 race.”

Jindal’s campaign began its Trump attack Wednesday afternoon with the release of a supercut of recent Trump comments, spliced with scenes from interviews actor Charlie Sheen did during hisinfamous meltdown from 2011.

In an email circulating the video, Jindal’s campaign joked that he was offering a “dream ticket” for Trump: “Trump/ Sheen – Winning in ’16!”

Jindal’s campaign manager Timmy Teepell goes on to say in the email that Sheen is Trump’s “spirit animal.”

Check back with The Advocate later this afternoon for a preview of Jindal’s Press Club speech.