Attorney General-Elect Jeff Landry has set up a process to evaluate current state Department of Justice employees for possible jobs in his administration.

Landry has written a letter to at-will employees, those who serve at the pleasure of the attorney general, encouraging them to apply for positions.

“It’s important to keep in mind that the purpose of the process is not to make wholesale changes, but to ensure that everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to be considered,” Landry assured in the letter.

The letter, available for download here, Landry thanks employees for their service and asks them to begin thinking about re-applying for jobs under his administration.

Landry, a former U.S. congressman beat two-term Attorney General Buddy Caldwell in the Nov. 21 election in a bitter Republican vs. Republican contest. He becomes attorney general Jan. 11.

Landry said he would establish transition committees in the coming days to help interview current and potential employees.

Landry has also launched a transition website which will include information on the Inauguration when it becomes available and which currently has a live portal to accept resumes and contact information from those interested in working for the Justice Department.

There is also a form through which residents can contact the Attorney General-Elect. The site is located at Landry will continue to provide updates on Facebook at