Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal stopped short of naming his favorite to become the next U.S. House speaker during an appearance on ABC’sThis Week on Sunday.

Jindal, who was interviewed as he campaigns in Iowa for the GOP nomination for president, was asked specifically to comment on thepossibility of Congressman Paul Ryan seeking the speaker role. But Jindal didn’t say whether he supports Ryan, nor did he name anyone else he’d like to see in the position.

“It’s not about personalities, it’s about a speaker who will say, ‘I’m willing to fight for conservative principles,'” said Jindal, who called Ryan “a friend. He’s principled. He’s intelligent.”

Louisiana Republican U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, currently the No. 3 in line in the House, had been setting up an anticipated run for Majority Leader until Kevin McCarthy announced he would not run for Speaker. Scalise has since said he’s backing Paul, though some have speculated Scalise could mount his own run for Speaker.

Later in the interview, Jindal defended comments he made about mass shootings being linked to “cultural decay” — including violent video games and absent fathers. Jindal, in an op-ed, wrote last week that the father of the man who recently killed nine people on at an Oregon community college “should be ashamed of himself” and “owes us all an apology.”

During the This Week interview, Jindal said he took issue with the shooter’s father “lecturing” the public about guns.

“I absolutely believe he has no right to be lecturing the rest of us. Look, gun control is not going to solve this,” Jindal said. “He doesn’t need to be lecturing us on gun control. We need to fix our culture. We need a renaissance of decency.”