The day before the Oct. 24 primary, a private investigator working for David Vitter’s gubernatorial campaign bungled an attempt to spyon a prominent Democratic trial attorney at Royal Blend Coffee & Tea in Metairie.

The gumshoe was arrested, and Vitter’s campaign has had to endure days of unfavorable publicity from the caper.

He met first for 30 minutes with six people from the film industry, along with his chief fund-raiser, Courtney Gaustella. He then moved to an adjoining table to meet with a different group for a few minutes before departing with an aide.

Vitter’s PI was caught filming trial attorney John Cummings and Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand at the Royal Blend, where they and other men gather most mornings to shoot the bull. Neither Cummings nor Normand was at the coffee shop when Vitter was there Thursday morning.