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The Pew Research Center says very few voters who support either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton expect their spouse or partner to cross the aisle and vote for the other candidate.

Overall, 78 percent of registered voters who support Trump for president say their spouse or partner also intends to vote for Trump, while just 3 percent say their partner is planning to vote for Clinton.

The numbers are almost identical among Clinton supporters: 77 percent say their partner also backs Clinton, compared with just 3 percent who say their partner is supporting Trump.

Comparable shares of both candidates’ supporters– 15 percent of those who favor Trump and 14 percent who back Clinton– say they do not know the voting preferences of their spouse or partner, Pew said.

The new survey was conducted online September 27 to October 10 on the nationally representative American Trends Panel of 3,616 registered voters, including 2,405 voters who are either married or living with a partner. It was largely completed before the release of a videotape from 2005 showing Trump making lewd comments about women.

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