Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was one of six Republican presidential hopefuls picked to audition in front of conservative VIPs during a secret meeting in Virginia last month.

bobby jindal Council for National Policy

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (AP photo)

But according to a new report from The National Journal based on interviews with nearly a dozen attendees, Jindal didn’t wow the Council for National Policy crowd with his 30-minute speech and Q&A with CNP head Tony Perkins. The National Journal’s report describes his performance as “forgettable.”

“This was particularly surprising in the case of Jindal, who in February wowed the CNP gathering in California by giving a fiery speech about the collapse of conservative values in America,” the National Journal reports. “But Jindal didn’t bring much new material to this meeting, attendees said.”

Jindal, who can’t seek re-election because of a term limit, has been flirting with a presidential run for several months. He’s expected to officially launch a campaign for the GOP’s 2016 nomination during an event in Kenner on June 24.

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