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Days until session ends: 4

Days until the 2015 primary election day: 138

Days until the runoff (as needed): 167

The News

Budget Crunch: Today’s when the real work starts. http://bit.ly/1KWfbTU

Transportation: A long-shot bid to finance sweeping improvements in Louisiana roads and bridges is dead for the legislative session. http://bit.ly/1KWeVnO

Film tax credits: The tax subsidy that the state gives to film and television producers — one of the most generous in the country — would be limited under legislation approved by the Louisiana Senate Saturday. http://bit.ly/1KWfLRv

Open records: The Louisiana Senate gave final passage Saturday morning to legislation that would ensure transparency of records in the Governor’s Office, at least for the next governor. http://bit.ly/1KWfIFj

Cigarette Tax: The state Senate is pushing for a 72 cents per pack increase as senators tried to raise the revenue needed to prevent deep spending cuts to public health care and public colleges and universities. http://bit.ly/1KWfA8W

Privatization: Louisiana legislators would get greater say in the contracts that the administration enters to privatize government functions under a bill approved Saturday by the Senate. http://bit.ly/1KWfRc1

Treasurer: An effort to forbid campaign contributions to the State Treasurer was sidetracked Saturday by the Louisiana Senate. http://bit.ly/1KWfZrP

LSU: LSU President and Chancellor F. King Alexander is among the top-paid public university presidents in the country. http://bit.ly/1KWg3rK


House and Senate come in at 9 a.m.

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