The state First Circuit Court of Appeal on Tuesday denied former Southern University System President Ralph Slaughter’s appeal seeking more than $110,000 in unused vacation and sick leave time.

The court agreed with a district court ruling that based his accrued time off on Slaugh-ter’s $220,000 base salary, and not his total $468,000 pay package that included private foundation dollars.

Judge Toni Higginbotham, of Baton Rouge, partially dissented with the majority ruling, arguing that Slaughter’s overall “wage” should have been counted.

The court also rejected Slaughter’s appeal of a ruling ordering him to pay $8,000 in fines and attorney fees.

Slaughter left Southern in 2009 when his contract expired and the Southern Board of Su-pervisors refused to keep him as president.

Slaughter has remained in litigation with Southern ever since.

Slaughter is currently receiving about $290,000 in annual retirement benefits from his more than 30 years of state employment.

The First Circuit panel also included judges James Kuhn and John Pettigrew.