Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took part in The Huffington Post’s Skimm Your Candidate column, where presidential candidates are given a chance to answer a series of questions that provide insight into their positions and personalities.

Jindal’s answers include long-established positions — he’s anti-abortion and opposes gay marriage, for example. He also repeats some familiar lines from the campaign trail: America needs to elect “a doer, not a talker;” President Obama is too PC to “say our enemy is radical Islamic terrorism;” and the U.S. needs “to get away from this African-American, Indian-American…you know, we’re all Americans.” bobby jindal presidential meal

But there are a couple of entertaining tidbits contained in Jindal’s answers.

What he would want the White House chef to fix as his first presidential meal, if elected: Jindal has been trailing near the back of a crowded Republican presidential field, but he’s already given thought to his first meal at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. His pick: Nachos and chocolate chip cookies. Jindal’s love of carbs and dessert has been well-documented. To the Skimm he says: “I’m a bit of a gym rat, and there are some people that love to work out and then they tell you well if you work out, then you gotta eat healthy. I’m a little bit of the opposite.”

Waking up: Jindal says no matter what time his alarm is set, he wakes up before it. As for First Lady Supryia Jindal: “not only does she like to hit snooze, she likes to set the clocks ahead of time.”

Read Jindal’s full Q&A here.