Advocate staff photo by HILARY SCHEINUK -- Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks during his prayer rally, "The Response", at LSU's Pete Maravich Assembly Center, Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gives his input Wednesday in an editorial piece on on why overturning the national Obamacare system is unlikely to happen.

"Allow me to translate – The smart guys in Washington do not believe you can repeal Obamacare. They have decided that it is not “politically viable.” What’s done is done. Once government enacts a giveaway or an entitlement program, it can never be repealed. It is what it is, and we just have to endeavor to make it less bad. Kind of like hospice care," Jindal writes.

"That, according to the smart guys in Washington, is our job as conservatives."

While presenting the arguments of the Republicans in Washington, Jindal goes on to describe how smaller changes are possible, but a complete repeal of Obamacare is not "politically viable."

Click here to read the full column. Jindal promoted the piece several times Wednesday morning on his Twitter account.

Wednesday's column is the second this week that Jindal has penned and had published on a national website.

In an op-ed column on Fox News' website Monday morning, Jindal criticized President Barack Obama for how he has handled radical Islamac terrorists.

Later during a news conference outside the White House, Jindal remarked: "The president (Obama) really has disqualified himself of being our commander in chief because he not only will identify this threat, but (he will not) take the steps necessary to defeat this threat."