In addition to the thousands of dollars Louisiana paid for Gov. Bobby Jindal to politick in other states, Florida’s taxpayers also put up about $19,000 for security when he visited that state, according to the Miami Herald’s Naked Politics blog.

Turns out that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has to compile the expenses and publicly report how much that state’s taxpayers put up to protect visiting dignitaries. The department reported Friday spending $530,000 to provide transportation and security, for all the politicians visiting the Sunshine state. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has to make the request for protection under that state’s law.

“The runaway winner for most visits to Florida over the past year was Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and his family, who visited the state at least 10 times at a cost to Florida taxpayers of $19,000,” according the blog post, written by Steve Bousquet, the Capital Bureau Chief for the Tampa Bay Times.

Few of Jindal’s visits were to conduct state business. He made several trips to campaign with Scott, to speak at party conferences and to raise money, as well as for other political events.

For instance, Florida paid $1,211.22 to protect Jindal during a two-day visit to Tampa on Aug. 12-13, 2014.

The troopers assigned by the Louisiana State Police to guard Jindal on that trip requested $1,934.26 in reimbursement from state government for that particular trip, according to public records.

The invoices Jindal’s bodyguards use to seek reimbursement for travel, hotels, meals and renting an SUV to drive the governor around are public through the Louisiana State Police. Taxpayers paid $314,44 for those out-of-state expenses.

But those records are far from complete, and don’t include salaries and overtime. The Louisiana House Appropriations Committee heard earlier this year that State Police spent $2.2 million, all told, for Jindal’s in-state and out-of-state trips.

Law enforcement in Florida, the nation’s third most populous state, reported spending $2.4 million to protect Scott, his family and the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee, according to the blog.