Today in The Rundown: Gov. John Bel Edwards is in DC for meetings; .

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Days until the Louisiana presidential primary: 43
Days until the 2016 regular Louisiana legislative session:
52* (*Note: A special session is expected to be called Feb. 14.)

The News

JBE: Gov. John Bel Edwards met with the Louisiana congressional delegation in D.C. on Thursday — minus one member.

Budget crunch: Gov. John Bel Edwards’ proposal to redirect Gulf oil spill recovery money to rebalance the state budget appears to conflict with a legal settlement the state struck two years ago. (via AP)

Eco Devo: When Bobby Jindal exited the governor’s office, he left behind a string of IOUs for his economic development deals, at least $155 million of which could come due during the next four years of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ term. (via AP)

GOP 2016: Donald Trump says a former Louisiana state lawmaker is to blame for his “Two Corinthians” gaffe.

New Orleans: New Orleans Democrats have formally denounced one of their own, saying that state Rep. Neil Abramson cost his party the House Speaker’s race.

LSU: A former LSU professor has filed a federal lawsuit against the school over her firing.

Southern University: The SU System is filling three chancellor posts. See the semi-finalists for SUSLA Chancellor and the applicants for SU Law Center chancellor.

Pensions: A state board refused Thursday to go along with the Legislative Auditor’s recommendation to change part of the pension formula to help shore up the teachers’ retirement system.

Disaster funds: Through a National Disaster Resilience Competition, Louisiana has been awarded more than $92 million, part of which will help the community of Native Americans living in Isle de Jean Charles to relocate to safer ground.

Derrick Todd Lee: The convicted serial killer has died.

Mardi Gras: Here’s your guide to the upcoming parades.


Gov. John Bel Edwards continues his meetings in Washington ahead of DC Mardi Gras this weekend. On today’s schedule: Edwards speaks at the Louisiana Economic Development Luncheon at 12:30 p.m. (Eastern), and will meet with U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Fox at 3 p.m.

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