Ted Cruz cooked bacon on a machine gun. Lindsey Graham took a sledge hammer to his phone. Rand Paul threw the tax code in a woodchipper.

Now Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is getting in on the viral video craze that seems to be making the Republican presidential hopeful rounds. In a video produced by BuzzFeed, Jindal takes on “the issues” in a push-up competition.

In an email promoting the video, BuzzFeed Politics said: “Gov. Jindal told us he was in pretty good shape, but was he able to beat the issues, and long-time foe the 2009 SOTU response?”

The issues, are, of course (embodied by people wearing bright red shirts with their “titles” written across the chest): taxes, Obamacare, hyphenated Americans and Jindal’s own widely-panned 2009 State of the Union response speech.

It comes down to Jindal versus his SOTU speech in a finale that the host refers to as a battle between “two long-time rivals.”

See the outcome here.