Today in The Rundown: The Louisiana Legislature’s regular session for 2015 is over….Here’s what you need to know.

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Scheduling note: Now that the session is over, The Rundown will temporarily publish at a less frequent rate. We’ll ramp back up closer to Election Day.


Days until session ends: It ended yesterday!

Days until the 2015 primary election day: 135

Days until the runoff (as needed): 163

Where in the world is Gov. Bobby Jindal? Jindal is heading to South Carolina todya to meet with Gov. Nicki Haley and speak at The Response prayer rally.

The News

Budget crunch: The Legislature finally passed a budget as the clock winded down on the 2015 session.

Session’s end: The budget was easily the biggest issue this session.

SAVE: It came down to the wire for the controversial student tax credit that was needed to prevent vetoes from Jindal. How they voted: House; Senate.

Cigarette tax: It will soon set smokers back 50-cents more to buy a pack of cigarettes in Louisiana.

Film tax credits: The Legislature signed off on several measures altering the state’s subsidies for Hollywood.

Angola 3: The dispute over the court-ordered release of Albert Woodfox, the last of the Angola 3 remaining behind bars, hit the Louisiana House on Thursday.

Jindal: After his eighth and final regular legislative session, here’s what Jindal wishes he could have accomplished: Audio: Here’s the full audio of Jindal’s interview with reporters after session ended

Day cares: The state Department of Education’s website now has a list of shuttered daycares following a toddler’s death at an unlicensed center this week.

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