Advocate staff photo by BILL FEIG -- Gov. Bobby Jindal answers questions after signing SB667 concerning legacy law suits into law on the last day of legislative session.

Following the lead of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, the group sponsoring a controversial prayer rally at LSU in January said the event is solely about prayer.

On Thursday, Jindal defended the event, saying "it's no a political event. It's a religious event."

American Family Association president Tim Wildmon released a statement early Friday morning.

"As our nation faces unprecedented crises—culturally, socially, and financially -- ‘The Response Louisiana’ is a call for worshippers in Louisiana and around the country to come together in unity for prayer and fasting," the statement said. "This event has one purpose and one purpose only: To approach God in humility and pray for his mercy, grace and guidance for our nation, which has lost its moral foundation and is suffering from a crisis of faith.

"It’s so encouraging to see Christians from across denominational and cultural backgrounds join in this time of prayer, and we truly believe God will be faithful to His Word. AFA is pleased to announce this event on our Louisiana radio stations in hopes that even more Christians will commit themselves to taking part in this event.”

The event has drawn heavy criticism because of the views of its sponsor organization, the Tupelo, Mississippi-based AFA. The organization has linked same-sex marriage and abortion to disasters such as tornadoes and Hurricane Katrina.

The event is expected to raise the Republican governor's profile with Christian conservatives, a group that Jindal is heavily courting as he builds a possible presidential campaign in 2016. Texas Gov. Rick Perry headlined a similar prayer rally in 2011 only a few days before launching his White House bid.

Asked on Thursday if he agreed with the American Family Association's agenda, Jindal sidestepped that question and said, "The left likes to try to divide and attack Christians."

A protest is planned on LSU's campus during the event.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.