GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump met with leaders from the Republican National Committee this week and reportedly hashed out his concerns over delegate distribution, particularly in Louisiana.

Trump has spent the past week raising issue over Louisiana’s delegates because, while he won the state’s GOP primary March 5, he could get fewer GOP delegates from than second-place finisher U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz through political maneuvering.

The New York Times reports that Trump and RNC leaders met Thursday to clear the air, with RNC chairman Reince Priebus explaining that each campaign had to fight for delegates at each state’s convention.

The Times, quoting unnamed sources who had been briefed on the meeting writes that “Trump turned to his aides and suggested that they had not been doing what they needed to do” to secure delegates.

Trump and his top campaign advisers have threatened to challenge the delegate distribution here, following reports that Cruz could get more Louisiana votes at the GOP convention in Cleveland this July because delegates who are not bound to either of the two candidates are more likely to swing in Cruz’s favor.

Trump took 41.4 percent of the vote in Louisiana’s March 5 primary, and Cruz won 37.8 percent.