Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says political correctness on college campuses has become “laughable” in the wake of recent news at the University of Missouri.

The remarks come just days after two top Mizzou administrators were ousted amid pressure from students who criticized the school’s response to a spate of racist incidences and months of unrest on campus. One student went on an eight-day hunger strike, and the university’s football team, in solidarity, threatened to not take the field.

Jindal, in his blog post, notes that he doesn’t know all the details about the situation in Missouri, but goes on to blast President Barack Obama and political correctness on college campuses, calling students “emotional juveniles.”

“Our colleges and universities should be defenders of free speech and the First Amendment,” he writes. “They should prepare students for the simple fact that in the real world you do not get to dictate what you will and will not deal with. If they don’t do this, they are hurting the students.”

You can read his full post here.