A political group backing Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s possible run for president in 2016 is in a fight over who can lay claim to “American Future.”

CNN first reported on a cease and desist letter that the pro-Jindal American Future Project received from the Iowa-based American Future Fund.

american future project

Gov. Bobby Jindal

“Your use of the name ‘American Future Project’ conflicts directly with my clients’ trademark and other legal rights in the name,” American Future Fund attorney Jason Torchinsky wrote in the letter, per CNN. “As a result of your use of the name ‘American Future Project,’ viewers of your communications could reasonably believe that you are speaking for the well established American Future Fund or American Future Fund Political Action.”

But Jindal’s American Future Project tells The Advocate that it has no intentions of backing away from the name.

“We aren’t making any changes to the American Future Project,” the group’s adviser, Gail Gitcho, said in a statement to The Advocate. “Nobody has a monopoly on the ‘American Future,’ but we are pleased that their letter has helped raise awareness to the American Future Project.”

The American Future Project is just the latest in a series of pro-Jindal groups launched as the term-limited Republican governor explores a run for president in 2016.

Jindal also has groups called Believe Again and America Next.

As CNN notes, political action committees associated with potential 2016 candidates carry similar themes — from U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s “Reclaim America” to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s “Our American Revival.”