Today in The Rundown: Polls, polls polls; Where is Gov. Jindal?; What’s going on in DC?; and much more.

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Coming this week: More results from our independent poll conducted by Ron Faucheux of Clarus.

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Days until the 2015 primary election day: 25
Days until the runoff (as needed): 53
Days until the Iowa caucuses:

Where in the world is Gov. Bobby Jindal? Gov. Jindal is in Iowa, campaigning for his run for president. Read more Jindal coverage here:

The News

Polls: Here is the first story from The Advocate/WWL-TV poll on the Louisiana governor’s race.

LA Lege: The silent race for Louisiana House speaker.

Congress: Bobby Jindal says Mitch McConnell should quit too.

Oil exports: Louisiana leaders back the repeal of the crud oil export ban.

Scalise: Steve Scalise could be moving up the leadership ladder.

LA Gov: Oil and gas industry has its influence in the gubernatorial race.

Common Core: State, local superintendents quibble over Common Core.

Medical marijuana: LSU, Southern wary of growing state’s medical marijuana crop.

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