In the letter, which The Reveille posted online Wednesday, Carville takes Norquist and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to task for thestate’s budget woes.

“The news from the governor’s office and the state Legislature has attained a level of buffoonery and comedy before unseen in a state with a long history of both,” Carville writes. “Our beloved university is being systematically dismantled and as a result of our governor and a significant portion of our Legislature pledging allegiance to a Washington lobbyist with the long history of shady dealings.”

At issue is an anti-tax pledge pushed by the Norquist-backed Americans for Tax Reform. Jindal and 26 state lawmakershave signed it, agreeing notto raise taxes.

Carville, a Democratic operative and Clinton ally, argues in his letter that the pledge — and Jindal’s fear of breaking it — has rendered Norquist “the most powerful person in our state.”

“Proposed legislation is routinely sent to him by the governor to seek his approval. Trust me its true,” he writes.

Read the whole Letter to the Editor via the Reveille here.

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