Legislation to create a commission that would study whether to create a single “superboard” to oversee higher education in Louisiana is moving toward final approval.

House Concurrent Resolution 184 was approved without objection by the Senate Education committee Thursday after it was amended to give the Louisiana Board of Regents more control of the proposed commission.

The resolution is the main progress for higher education board consolidation proponents after other superboard legislation was defeated Wednesday in the Louisiana House.

State Commissioner of Higher Education Jim Purcell expressed some concerns about the potential costs associated with the commission and the time demands on completing the process two months prior to the 2012 legislation session.

“The concern we have is, right now, we have 25 study resolutions,” Purcell said of legislative requests of the Board of Regents. “This (board consolidation) is something that needs to be thoroughly studied.”

The proposed commission would have four people appointed by the Board of Regents, five appointed by Gov. Bobby Jindal, the chairman of the state Workforce Investment Council and one each from the LSU System, the Southern University System, the University of Louisiana System and the Louisiana Community and Technical College System.

Committee Chairman Ben Nevers, D-Bogalusa, amended the bill to increase from one to four the number of Regents representatives.

HCR184 sponsor and Rep. Thomas Carmody, R-Shreveport, said he understood concerns about the governor having too much influence.

HCR184 moves to the full Senate for consideration.