Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Iowa chairman has reportedly quit, after the cash-strapped presidential campaign stopped paying its staffers.

Sam Clovis, who has sought elected office in Iowa, told The Washington Post that he has fielded offers from several campaigns and expects to sign on with a new candidate in the coming days.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was previously among the finalists that Clovis had considered backing.

Jindal has helped campaign for Clovis in the past, even going so far as to voice radio ads in support of his run for Iowa state treasurer.

Clovis, Perry and Jindal are all slated to speak at a Sept. 1 event in Iowa.

A big showing in Iowa is key to Jindal’s campaign strategy, and picking up someone like Clovis could be seen as a boost to his bid for the GOP’s presidential nomination.

The Post reports that Clovis shared some concerns about lower-tier candidates and their futures in the race, though. He predicted that next month’s nationally-televised debate would set off a winnowing process for candidates who poll outside the top 10 and do not make it onto the main debate stage.

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